Sustainability should also be profitable.

There are 2 ways to increase revenue; make more or spend less. Why not do both?

RSL is a consulting firm that integrates technology, logistics, and strategic planning for profitable sustainable practices.


We were green before it was cool...

Our team of like-minded individuals has been working on sustainable projects eons before corporate resource responsibility was associated with the color green.

Sustainability through Cost Savings & Technology

Resource Efficiency

Energy, Cooling and Refrigeration, Waste Heat, Water Conservation, Monitoring and Analytics

Strategic Markets

Data Centers, Hotels, Business Campus Environments, Hospitals, Factories, and Agriculture

Innovative Adaptation

Bringing New Technologies, Applications, Measurement and Analytics for Our Clients      

Our Expertise - Your Company

Principles in the company have performed in highly successful executive capacity at iconic companies, startups, and early adopters of technologies across a wide range of industries. We understand the stakeholders' positions and requirements in competitive environments.


With an emphasis on IP and proprietary functions for a competitive advantage.


Analysis of business operations, costs, and efficiencies.                 

Channel/Market Strategy

Opportunities with price/product positioning and sales tactics analysis.

Non-traditional Funding

For qualifying sustainable product applications.                 

We Get Results

We've saved over 40 million dollars annually for these firms. What can we do for you?

  • US Postal Service: 4.5M annual savings

    Identified unused and under-utilized applications on mainframes and servers; migrated away over the course of 10 months resulting in $2M/annual savings.
    Early adopted virtualized servers on mainframes & server saving $2.5M annually and accelerated the completion of the server project for the web environment by 3 months.

  • Legato: 8M annual savings

    Re-architected the global network, implemented VOIP, and introduced a server based (web front-end) audio conferencing solution that saved $3.1M annually, and was completed in 5 months.

  • Aspect: 20M annual savings

    Complete overhaul of the infrastructure, including Global implementation of Oracle, redesign of the network, desktop, new data center and included the engineering lab, saved over $20M and completed these projects within 16 months.

  • Amdahl-Fujitsu: 1M annual Savings

    Launched a server consolidation project the resulted in the re-appropriation of some servers, retirement of others and reduced operational costs by $1M annually.

  • Virgin America: 7M annual savings

    Built the infrastructure from the ground up with Open Source, over two dozen open source tools, completed within 17 months and saved over $6M.
    Data Center designed to take full advantage of sustainable technologies, reducing energy and cooling costs by 32% (verified by PGE analysis), saving $1.1M annually in operational costs.

  • San Jose State University: 3.5M annual savings

    Consolidated 231 email domains into one for over 6,000 users saving $1.5M annually in licensing costs.
    Re-architected the wireless infrastructure for better security and performance saving over $1.5M in annual infrastructure and telecommunication costs.
    Re-architected the data center into a hosting center, providing capacity for departmental systems, thereby freeing up valuable building space and saving approximately $500K per year.