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Russell Brand

Technology and Tactical Advisor ~ Computer Security Expert ~ Senior Scientist and Noted Speaker

Russell has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for more than 80 companies and government agencies using his skills as a technical consultant and tactical advisor. He used his scientific knowledge earned at MIT to develop the first technology platform capable of interactive, touchscreen ads to retail stores and to record complex customer behavior in real-time. He is also an internationally recognized expert in the field of computer security.

He founded RSL (Responsible Solutions Limited), a computer security consultancy that advised a large Federal agency on its technology programs. Prior to that, Russell was a senior scientist at Reasoning Systems where his team analyzed some of the largest systems in the world and built perhaps the second largest AI system of the period. Russell was an advisor to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on computer security, where he identified and contained the Nov. 1998 Morris Worm--one of the first globally recognized Internet security breaches. He is also a frequently noted speaker on computer security and the co-founder of Silicon Valley networking associations New CEO Club, Kabuki, Kabuki West and First Tuesday.

Russell holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and a MS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He is contributor and reviewer to the publications of the ACM (Assoc. Computer Machinery) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

William Maguire

Information Technologist ~ Operational Expert ~ Cyber and Risk Management Expert

Bill is a Technology and Business Visionary with executive and hands-on experience in introducing and maintaining information technology systems and services. He has a strong record of success in creating high performing and highly valued IT teams, and formulating robust IT architectures and infrastructures. His proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business issues and enhance customer experience while managing costs and risks has continued with every new challenge. His more than 30 years of experience of operations excellence resulted in managing some of the largest most complex environments while taking advantage of new technologies and obtaining various degrees of optimizing the company’s environment. Through his problem solving visionary skills, he has provided strategic direction to senior management and corporate boards to meet corporate business requirements using appropriate technologies. He has designed, developed, and built multiple global infrastructures for several companies. These implementations were built with ITIL standards, Sarbanes-Oxley compliment solutions to support the companies that ranged in revenues over $1B annually.

He is a proven expert in IT Architecture and Integration, Cyber Security and Risk Management, Big Data and Data Analytics and Strategic Analysis as well as possessing consulting and presentation skills. He also served as COO of IntelliDyne, VP of San Jose State Univ., VP and CIO of Virgin America, SVP and CIO of Aspect Communications, VP & CIO of Legato Systems, VP Business Support of Amdahl, and General Manager of Computer Operations for the US Postal Service.

Bill holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Southern Mississippi, the Potomac School of Law (Washington DC). Bill has also completed studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Information Systems Research (A Specialized Technology Program) and the Management and Information Technology Programs Sponsored by: IBM, Microsoft, Sun, and EMC.

Martin Olney

Strategic Planner ~ Marketing Visionary ~ Managing Consultant and Director

Martin brings more than thirty years of strategic planning, tactical implementation, and managerial experience to consulting projects. He is an expert in Corporate Analysis, focusing on Market Positioning, IP fencing Analysis, Patent processing, and the Management Chemistry for effective Exit Strategies when required. These specialized skills have been used by Martin to help businesses improve their company positions, by developing specific routes to Market and Commercialize company products. All these planning, visionary and management skills offer companies the pre-planning/funding, strategies to go forward with tools and processes needed by corporate managers for successful ventures. Martin demonstrated these skills expertly as Managing Director - Chapman, Spira & Carson on Wall Street for 5 years and, after leaving the firm, 2 years as Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Board.

Martin started his management career started as co-founder of one of California's largest industrial supply companies where he led sales and marketing for six subsidiaries, taking the company’s net worth from zero to $18M with an investment of $48k. After selling his ownership in the company, he started a consulting firm based in Hong Kong and operated in Asia (primarily Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, China, and Japan) for 7 years where he worked with multinational firms and governments transferring State Department approved technology into foreign markets. He followed this up as a Strategic Consultant on Clean Air Technologies (sublimated gaseous-state platinum combustion catalysts), Superstill (vapor compression distillation), NUTEK MicroBeam (Induction LinAc for energy sterilization and food processing), and Nevada City Water (20% owner) sold to two high-profile investors.

Martin also developed the Southwest Asian syllabus for the newly formed JTTF (DHS precursor) to educate 300 FBI field agents, police chiefs, SORT & SWAT teams, and first responders after 9/11 under the supervision of the FBI - the final version was delivered to the 2nd Bush administration. He was also CSC project manager for the CSC/FATPOT Project Cross–Platform Communications between agencies created by John Sununu, Ex-White House Chief of Staff. Several other projects required his extensive travel to Washington DC including CCC SCIFs, exotic coatings (RFID), ASW devices for commercial uses, and earth magnetic measurement and exploration devices.

Martin has been invited to lecture at San Jose State University, UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Business, the Monterey Institute of International Studies and co-author textbooks through Professor Charles Fischel on the subject of entrepreneurial business.

His favorite pastime is creating innovative ways to improve the present.